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  THE LAW FIRM COMPANY                                          founded 1969

Welcome to The Law Firm Company

     Serving the public free, we will help you Find Local Lawyers, law firms, and attorneys specializing in specific area of law, for your legal issues with our Local Lawyer Directory search tools.  

Soon find by many ways the top USA Law Firms,  Top US Lawyers, State injury lawyers,  Injury Legal Pros, Lawyers by Top legal Terms, Legal Conflicts, Legal Actions. Zip, city, state, country and or provinces.

More About us: We are about legal services, creating the Law Firm List, for free public use, along with our many other lists and directories, for free public websites, created from our large group of  best legal domains. Domains are specific key word groups with .com preceding immediately after, for a specific online branding address. Example: is a domain address on the internet known as

These domains can be used to drive traffic' with links leading to an
ending website or a redirect to the ending address like redirects to here just like
redirects to our website home page, or we can change them to link or redirect to any other page of any website our choosing.

We are encouraging and seeking only the best available, attorneys, lawyers, and law firms, with verifiable  legal credentials, whom not only wish to connect with the public through legal app, by use of our new attorney database, from our index of attorneys, but are ready, capable, and able to take on new clients. This will be one big change to the world's connection with law.

We are the only US Legal Directory to find a law firm, lawyer, or attorney, from our exclusive, Attorney Database, exclusive, index of attorneys, offering  quick, favorable, search results from our index of attorneys. We are paid to provide our services, to the public, free, by the worlds best lawyers, attorneys and law firms to help you find not only the best, but the chance to find the right Law firms, lawyers, and attorneys, for your specific legal needs.

Although we are under construction, at this time, we are preparing our call center to cold call only the elite and select, to sign up, join, and pay, contrary to other current and past, lawyer, attorney,  law firm lists, and directories, we do not make our lists and directories, of lawyers, attorneys, and law firms, who are not taking on new clients, to busy, or retired lawyers,
attorneys and law firms, from out dated, preexisting, common knowledge,
easy available, data, such as others, have done, and still do.

We only create our lists and directories new, from them who are
aggressively, seeking clients, take the time, effort, and money, to sign
up, join, and pay, to be listed, tested, graded, rated, ranked, and
recommended, as to there, shown, or proven,  abilities by,
accreditation's, experience, timely client interactions, offering or
not, free legal consultations, free legal evaluations, after hours, and or weekends, and more.

Therefor our lists, and directories, provide search results for you, the public, of the best who are currently readily available, able, willing, capable, and licensed, more than them who just imply to be capable of serving your legal issue needs, but show how and why. Our aim is to save you time, money, needless frustrations, and further loss. Read more about our goals.

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