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date:Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 1:46 PM subject:Re: About: Use of your website, attorney rules, for profit - online advertising, or directory rules,

Connecticut Judicial Branch <> 7:12 AM (6 hours ago)to me Good Morning,
agency is part of the Connecticut Judicial Branch and does not
determine whether or not a party may link to the Judicial Branch
website. Information about
that is found on the Branch website at
ethical rules prohibit an attorney from paying a third party to
“recommend” their services.  See Rule 7.2(c) of the Rules of
Professional Conduct.

exception is attorneys may pay for the costs of advertising, including
group advertising. They may participate in internet matching services.
Rule 7.2(j). Referral services that involve selecting the attorney or
evaluating the nature of the client’s legal issues by the service are
since they involve “recommending” and violate other rules such as fee
splitting and unauthorized practice of law. Since many
the services are structured in a variety of ways the attorney should
evaluate their business model for compliance with the ethical rules.
Very truly yours,

Kerry O'Connell
Assistant Bar Counsel
287 Main St.Suite 2
East Hartford, CT 06118860 568 5157 (x3028)email:

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