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About Internet Safe, State permissions, on the web use for public access to information.

Our service is not a lawyer referral service.

We find in some states regardless of our classification of lawyer matching we still may be required to ask members to prove and maintain malpractice insurance or to provide proof of financial responsibility.

See next page below, for useful information, until we have or have not information from your state, to satisfy our concerns about public safety, and ethic rules on lawyer matching.

What State bars let the public learn about who are claiming to be an attorney, online ?

We ask State bars permission public view link permissions, of who has passed the particular Country, Provence, or State bar, exam, Supreme Court, or other Governing body ?

Who is still a member and to what last or current level standing of a such bars ?

We will provide free, to the world, national, State, and local, public

information services search results, with public self verifiable attorneys,

credentials, or and or other competency level information of attorneys who join

our memberships.

Disclosure of legal information: We ask permissions to hyper link particular attorneys,

to any such State Bar Association, attorneys information pages about them self's who

join our memberships and who will agreed to allow such, on our websites that provide

free to the public search result from our sites database of attorneys and or firms, to

there practice, or legal information, page on each State Bar Association, State or gov site.

Does your State grant such free public access by allowing us to add links leading

to State website information to the public free ? Yes, No, or ?

Learn more at: 


We recommend all attorneys, lawyers, and law firms to: refer to your state (RPC)

"Rules of Professional Conduct", "Notify you State Bar or State Supreme

Governing body that you have joined out service, a punishable

ethic rule requirement in many states".

We are working links to Rules of Professional Conduct per state

until finished, find useful info at: Some State Bars, Supreme courts, and Examiners.

Learn more at National Conference of Bar Examiners.

United States Federal Bar Association

1220 North Fillmore St., Ste. 444 Arlington, VA 22201
Tel. (571) 481-9100, Fax (571) 481-9090,

Alabama State Bar  - No online search for public use. - Calls only State.

Alaska Bar Association Yes = Safe State - search members - [Directories tab]

Arizona Bar Association - Yes = Safe State - linking unrestricted.

Arizona Ethic RPC restricted to no star rating rules advertising opinions -

Arizona Judicial Branch Certification & Licensing - waiting for permissions.
Arkansas State Board of Law Examiners - Yes = Safe State - linking unrestricted. 

California * Ethics require - ((((public must not be restricted by sign up join membership)))).

California Ethics pertaining to lawyer referral serviceCalifornia RPC advertising rules 1- 400

California Bar State Bar of California - Yes = Safe State - linking unrestricted.
Colorado Supreme Court: Bar Exam Information Yes = Safe State - linking unrestricted.

Connecticut State Judicial Branch - Yes but linking restricted -

See rules this site under Connecticut attorneys

Connecticut Bar Examining Committee ?
Delaware State Bar (302) 658-5279 ???????

Delaware State Courts:

Board of Bar Examiners of the Supreme Court of Delaware
District of Columbia Bar ?  lawyers can be participating.

Florida State Bar Members search

Florida Board of Bar Examiners ? - lawyers are at this time prohibited !!!

Georgia State Bar ? 404-527-8700 / 800-334-6865
Hawaii State Judiciary Bar Application
Idaho State Bar Yes = Safe State - linking unrestricted,
Illinois Board of Admissions ? (217) 522-5917 May have lawyers prohibited from participating.

Illinois State Bar Association ? 217-525-1760 May have lawyers prohibited from participating.

Indiana Judicial Branch Board of Law Examiners

Indiana State Bar Yes = Safe State - linking unrestricted.

Indiana State Supreme Court (317) 232-1807 Seems we must be: operated, sponsored, or approved in writing by the Indiana State Bar Association, the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana, or any other bar association whose lawyer referral service has been sanctioned for operation in Indiana by the Indiana Disciplinary Commission;

Iowa State Bar
Disciplinary -
Kansas Judicial Branch - attorney reg number - Waiting for permissions from -

For disciplinary actions call admin (785) 296-2486

Kentucky Office of Bar Admissions ? 859.246.2381

Kentucky State Bar Association search by first and last name. (502) 564-3795

Louisiana State Bar Association Tony (504) 619-0117

Main Bar joke about who passed ??? no current way to check current status, must call -
Maine Board of Bar Examiners must call Maine Board's office at 207-623-1121. 

Maryland Courts attorneys in good standing.
Maryland Judiciary

Massachusetts Board Of Examiners
Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners (First amendment protected truthful advertising).
Michigan State Board of Law Examiners

Michigan State Bar Directory (select all types) search.  Yes = linking unrestricted
Minnesota State Courts - waiting for permi - attorney search

 disciplinary actions
Mississippi State Bar attorney search - advertising rules ?

Mississippi: State of Mississippi Judiciary
Missouri State Bar Yes = permissions safe -

Montana: State Bar of Montana ? - call (406) 442-7660  

Nebraska State Bar Association - official roster - (402) 471-1040

Nebraska Supreme Court discipline 402 471-3730 Corrie Steel

for disciplinary actions only -

Nebraska State Bar attorney search

attorney services (402) 471-3137 said check with Corrie Steel.

Nevada: State Bar of Nevada - Yes = Safe search State

Yes - okay to advertise - ck - Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct 7.1 thru 7.5 

New Hampshire bar ??????/ (603) 224-6942
New Hampshire Judicial Branch

New Jersey - Winnie Comfort - Tammy Kendig 609-292-9580
New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners
New Mexico State Bar - Yes = permissions implied or granted - Safe State

New York 212.428.2800,

New York attorney search ( )

May not be directly linked to by any website without the express written permission of UCS.
New York State Board of Law Examiners.

North Carolina: Board of Law Examiners of the State of North Carolina 

North Carolina Bar search ?
North Dakota Supreme Court - Not online - good standing inquires call (701) 328-2221
Ohio Bar State Supreme Court attorney search - See rules this site under Ohio attorneys.
Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners N/A waiting for permissions - for disciplined court decisions only at:
Oregon State Bar No controls on website - but lawyers prohibited from participating.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Disciplinary board ?
Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners
Puerto Rico: La Rama Judicial de Puerto Rico

Rhode Island State Bar ? finding no excessive restrictions.
Rhode Island Board of Bar Examiners

South Carolina Bar Members directory
South Carolina Judicial Department ? - (803) 734-1800
South Dakota Unified Judicial System

South Dakota bar - Not online - good standing inquires call (605) 224-7554
Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility

Tennessee State Bar ? (615) 383-7421
Texas State Bar Member Directory - Ethics rules See 7.04 (3) (d) may advertise, page 97.

Board of Law Examiners 512.427.1463 ? - state bar 512 427-1463
Utah State Bar ? call 801.531.9077

Vermont Bar (802) 223-2020 ?
Vermont Judiciary 802-828-3278 ?

Virginia Bar (incomplete) attorney search ?
Virginia Board of Bar Examiners
Washington State Bar Association - unrestricted fr no other response -

Washington See rules: RPC 7.1 - See revision RPC 7.2 [5] allows directory listings, Internet..

West Virginia State Bar attorney search ?
West Virginia Judiciary
Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners

Wisconsin State Bar Yes = linking unrestricted - see WI page for state rules
Wyoming State Bar - Yes = linking unrestricted -

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